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Both wearing dresses - what about colors?

My fiancee and I are both wearing dresses for the ceremony - it is an outdoor ceremony in the summer in Indiana. We are both looking for lightweight, flowy dresses for being outdoors. The dress I am choosing is white and the one she likes is diamond white.

Any thoughts on whether she should order hers in diamond white or white? We have been told probably white, but will we blend in with each other if we have the exact same color? Will she look "dirty" if she chooses diamond white? Does anyone have an experience with this issue?

Re: Both wearing dresses - what about colors?

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    I think that having two different shades of white may look a bit odd.  She could also have white, or you could have diamond white, or either of you could have a dress in some color other than white.

    NotFroofy and I had dresses from different companies.  However, both were ivory and the details in both were embroidery, and thus they looked like they were supposed to go together.
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    FI and I also purposely ordered our dresses in the same color (and with similar lace, so they'll look a little more coordinated even though they're very different styles), but I'm not sure it's absolutely crucial.  I'm not sure if sunlight would make the difference more noticeable or less.  But if you're worried, I'd say get both dresses in the same color.  I don't think there's any way you'd "blend in" with each other.
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    Okay thank you for your thoughts :-) We are both going to go with white!
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    My friends got married, and one wore ivory and the other wore white. It looked weird. i suggest getting the same colour.
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