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My wife would like to renew our vows, but she would like me to wear the wedding dress this time.  She knows about and supports my crossdressing, and knows this is a dream come true for me.  I have been making some preliminary calls to bridal shops and hope to find one that will be open to working with me and helping me find my dream gown. 

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    Good luck on that!  I have seen on other message boards that often bridal shops are quite open to cross-dressers.  Just check around until you find one that is open to it, and have fun!
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    Thank you!  I am so excited about this.  My wife has helped me put together a checklist of all the things I'll need to get along with the dress (shoes, veil, slip, corset, stockings, garter, purse, etc).  This is the dream of a lifetime for me.
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    That sounds really wonderful... I hope you have an amazing time... I know you will really enjoy the whole dress shopping experience!

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    I use to work at David's Bridal in Pittsburgh. We often got calls from men for this request. We always worked with them. Many didn't show for their appointments but when they did we did assist in whichever way they and the other patrons were comfortable.  
  • Hi i am the actual Bride and i had asked my fiancee to marry me in october 2012. he has been dressing for a couple of years and I came up with the Idea to get married in vegas, Nevada as 2 brides! Needless to say he loved the Idea. Nothing huge, and it might just be us and 2 or 3  CD friends, but I dont want it to be cheezy (getting married by Elvis) or Chepo...( first chapel on the strip). I just want it to be nice and I need to find a cd friendly place. any suggestions?!!! i really dont have a clue where to start.Undecided
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