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So I don't know if any of you will know the answer to my question but I really hope so. So my fiancé has a dual citizenship(United Kingdom, United States) because she was born in Wales(in the Unoted Kingdom) but her mother was from here. So we plan on getting married in Wales and then living out there so I know with heterosexual couples they get a green card and then after 3 years apply for citizenship but is it the same for homosexual couples? Or how do I go about getting my citizenship for the UK? And will I lose my US citizenship?

Thanks. I look forward to hearing for you all. :)

Re: Dual Citizenship

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    Technically, Wales does not have same-sex marriage.  However, it does have "civil partnership" for same-sex couples, which involves pretty much the same legal rights as marriage under UK law.  In particular, the immigration rights are similar.  Here is a link to a page that describes how to get a visa as the current or proposed civil partner of a UK national.  (Note that they are not called "green cards" in the UK; that term refers specifically to a type of US visa.)

    Becoming a UK citizen will not automatically cause you to lose your US citizenship.  The UK does not require you to give up citizenship in another country to become a UK citizen, and the US does not automatically strip you of your citizenship if you become a UK citizen.

    For the benefit of anyone else who may read this, the advice is limited to the specific facts.  For example, a UK citizen who marries a US citizen in a same-sex marriage would not get any kind of preferred treatment in getting US citizenship.  (I know this to my sorrow, since my wife is Welsh and we live in the US.)  And there are circumstances in which becoming a citizen of another country can cause you to lose your US citizenship; they just wouldn't apply here.

    Oh, and congratulations on your forthcoming marriage!
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