Engagement Shoot outfit - help needed!

My Fiance and I are having our engagement shoot done soon (October) and I am looking for thoughts on what to wear and not wear. My thoughts are that he wears jeans with dress shoes and a nice sweater or button up shirt in the blue, grey or black family. I was going to wear jeans (dark blue) with black heels (boots or shoes?) and am debating on my top. Do I go black, dark purple, grey or something else. We are not dressy people so we want to keep it casual. Any help, links, suggestions, would be great! Thanks :)

Re: Engagement Shoot outfit - help needed!

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    When I did my e-pics shoot I was told to avoid busy patterns and try to keep what we wear to similar colors. For example if I was to wear a bright purple don't have him wearing bright yellow.  I would say that if he wears any of the 3 colors you mentioned your good with either 3 you were thinking for yourself.  Wear what your comfortable in cause you'll act more natural because having pictures taken and having ppl gawk at you is uncomfortable in itself.
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    If you can, bring a change of clothes! Then you can have a more classic look and then a fun, brighter one too.
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    We just did our engagement photos yesterday.....both fi and I wore jeans, then I wore a brown top and he wore a very light brown button up shirt. We went pretty casual and our pictures look least from what I saw on our photographer's camera.

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    We wore solid colours (they were our wedding colours) and it really popped in the photos. We were dressed casually.
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