Quebec City Venues?

So, I'm getting married in Québec City next year, but since I'm not from there and live all the way in Halifax, it's been a bit of a pain trying to find venues. I already found a church I really like (Chalmers-Wesley United Church), but I could really use some ideas for the reception. I've been scouring the internet and so far I like the looks of Auberge Saint-Antoine and Les Voûtes du Cavour. I'd like something with the character of old Québec. By any chance is anyone able to help me out with some ideas? I'm taking a trip to there next week and want to see places in person and hopefully wander around and find some possibilities.

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    I'm not in Quebec city but if your looking for old quebec and if its in your budget have you tried Le Chateau frontenac fairmont hotel? Its a gorgeous hotel and if its old quebec your looking for its right in the middle of it.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but yeah, Château Frontenac is definately out of my price range. It is terribly beautiful though, I went on a tour of it in junior and it was amazing. I'm afraid to even find out how much it is, but I know I won't be able to afford it! Haha

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    Looks like no one is from the Quebec City area! It doesn't matter anymore, I just got back from Quebec and we've decided to go with Les Voûtes du Cavour. After checking out that, the auberge and a room at the citadelle, Cavour had the most character and was by far the cheapest. It's always exciting when your favourite place also turns out to be the cheapest!
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    My parents were married at Chalmers Wesley! It's got a beautiful Casavant organ: you should definitely use it!!

    There's the Chateau Bonne Entente, Club Montmorency (not in Quebec City, though)... There are many beautiful restaurants that would work for smaller receptions, like the Continental. Not sure whether you can rent space at the musée des beaux arts... Maybe the Palais Montacalm or the Grand Theatre have rooms to rent for receptions?
  • I am not from QC, but I am considering it as a wedding venue... well DW really since I am in Toronto.

    I have been looking at Sainte Antoine, Chateau is too much for sure!  I was considering Loews Hotel Le COncorde, the restaurant there cuz of the view... I am only having 12 ppl tops... looking for something small and intimate and where I can have crepes! lol
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