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Hi guys, im planning a destination wedding for 2012, it will be in the Mayan Riveria.  Does anyone have advice on when the best time to look and book travel packages.  I am from Saskatchewan and the wedding Dec 1, do you think its better to book on line or go through a travel agent  to book group travel?

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    My brother is getting married in July in the Dominican Republic.  Usually resorts only book a year in advance for weddings, and even then not all flights are set in stone.  They have their date and resort block of rooms reserved at this point.  

    I would say look into it to get estimated costs, but I wouldn't stress too much about it until the new year.  I would go through an agent - it's easier for your guests - there is not cost to you to use an agent, and they can coordinate with the resort to help you out.
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    Thanks for advice.  I actually just emailed a couple of travel agents.  Smile
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    I agree, i would totally be going through a travel agent, a reputable one, because if anything goes wrong while you are at the resort you can just phone them & they will fix/take care of the problem. If you book it yourself then you can be stuck. 
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    There is a Destination Wedding board under Wedding Theme Boards on the left, a lot of the ladies there will have great advice :)
    I know that a lot of them used Beach Bum Vacations.
  • Well one of my friend has use Beach Bum Vacations and believe me this is the best idea.. 
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