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Struggling a bit today - please pray

It's been one of those weird days. Very up and down emotionally.

My mom called early this morning (and woke me up) to tell me that my grandfather's memorial service is scheduled for the weekend before my wedding. I'm totally ok with it (I would rather it be the week before than the week after, anyways), but she is really upset at how close it is to the wedding, and is having issues with my dad's missionary family as a result. She would say she's a Christian, but her life doesn't show it, and she is saying some pretty awful things about God and "religious" people right now. Anyways, I'm not sure how to even talk to her about things right now. :P

But then happy news! Our guestbook and FI's ring came to my office mail yesterday while I was gone, so I got to open them today!

And then another downer... FI is frustrated about something, but doesn't want to talk about it. I'm fairly certain it has to do with his dad (a constant source of frustration for FI lately), but I'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's not me, it's just him working through things. And I DO get to see him tonight, so hopefully we can talk about things if he needs/wants to.

Yeesh, it's not even noon yet. But God has been right with me all morning, and kept a verse running through my head, especially when my negative thoughts try to take over: "Thou will keep me in perfect peace when my mind is stayed on You." I think it's from Isaiah. :)

Maybe it's just the stress getting to me with the wedding being only a month away, but I feel like I'm on such an emotional roller coaster at times. :P I could really use prayers in general right now.

Re: Struggling a bit today - please pray

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    Praying for sure.  FWIW I know a woman who go married about 3 weeks ago - a month and a half after her mother died.  She had her bridal portraits scheduled for the day of her own mother's wake.  But she didn't cancel, because she felt like her mother wouldn't want her to.  I'd like to think that your grandpa would be pretty upset if you called the whole thing to a halt over him, so I hope that (and a good bit of prayer) comforts you a bit.
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    I will definitely pray for you! I hope you can take some time this weekend relax and de-stress
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    Wow, there is just a lot of emotion surrounding your upcoming big day.  Try to find God in it, no matter what!  When we had my grandmother's memorial service (dad's mom, just last year), there were a lot of things going on, and yes, we shed a few tears, but ultimately it turned into a celebration of the time we were able to spend with her and we celebrated her life and memorialized her just like she would have wanted -- the family being together, eating together, spending time with one another, and reconnecting.  

    I'm so sorry your FI is having to deal with frustrations related to his dad... I have frustrations with my mom from time to time but I'm sure its not the same thing, but occasionally I just have to remind myself that if I want something about the situation to change, either I have to do something about it, or I have to be part of her doing something about it.  So, maybe encourage him to find a way to make the situation change.  Just like my students complain... my response to them is this: Is there any part of the situation that is within your locus of control?  If so, find a way to be proactive and find a way to change what YOU can change.  If it is not, then find a way to accept it and move on.  It seems a little harsh, but if you let it sink in, you might find the right words to encourage your FI to release his frustrations.  

    I'll pray for you and your FI! 
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    Yay for the happy news.  Sorry about the other stuff you are dealing with.  It seems like with a week between the memorial service and wedding, you should be fine to not have one affect the other.  Hopefully you can reassure your mom that it will be fine.  Also, pray that God might open a door to talk to her about things in a way that you'll be able to challenge her faith (not meaning in a negative way, but to build her up).  And I hope things get better with your FI and his dad.  I'm praying that you'll find peace in this last month before the wedding.
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    Said a prayer for you! 
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