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Monday QOTD

How was everyones Thanksgiving?
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Re: Monday QOTD

  • Awesome! Had a blast in Charlotte. Got up to 95 mph driving on the racetrack. Visited the NASCAR hall of fame. Spent alot of time with fiance's family and love every minute of it. I even won their traditional Thanksgiving uno game and get to keep the trophy until we play again. Spent some time with my family too- first time my parents were in the same room together in over a year (they've only been divorced a little less than two years, so things are still super awkward between them), which was a big moment. 

    Only downside: one of my longest friendships officially ended. It's been going downhill for awhile, but I'm pretty sure I'll never hear from her again now. Definitely sucks, but I didn't let it ruin my holiday.
  • Interesting, to say the least. I'll just say I'm glad to be back home, and glad I am not travelling home for Christmas.
  • Good! FI and my parents met, and it went well. Then I got a cold, but at least didn't have to use any sick time from work. Saw Life of Pi- so good!! Annnd.. that was about it. :)
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  • Orange, Life of Pi was made into a movie?  I enjoyed the book.  Was the film a faithful adaptation of the story?

    Where we live, Thanksgiving was a work day.  H and I met up with our house church friends in the evening for a huge meal with the gang.  I'm looking forward to returning to the States for Christmas in just three weeks, this time with a four-month-old in tow!
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