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Is anyone NOT having alcohol at their wedding?


Re: Is anyone NOT having alcohol at their wedding?

  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    In Response to Re: Is anyone NOT having alcohol at their wedding?:
    [QUOTE]\Not to be argumentative, but that's not entirely true....I think it really depends on the atmosphere you set up, not so much on the alcohol.
    Posted by DramaGeek[/QUOTE]

  • HKateDHKateD member
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    I really think that the day is about THE BRIDE AND GROOM, not the guests or even the parents.  They are not there to make decisions but to enjoy a moment of joy and the beginning of a new marriage.  As for your mother paying for it, this is supposed to be a gift to you and your fiance, unfortunately that doesn't mean that Mom will not have some ideas of her own.   I am sorry that your mother is giving you such grief about it, I don't understand why people automatically think that you must have alcohol to have a good time.  

    Personally, our venue won't allow alcohol and I was a bit disappointed to not have a traditional toast with champagne but I thought it would be a lot of fun to make a mocktail that everybody could enjoy and that wouldn't go against our church's no alcohol policy.  
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