help! My wedding is booked, venue, photographer and DJ for October 15, 2011. However I just told my brother the date and he has already committed to being a groomsman in a friends wedding the same day (in another state)! Do I try my best to switch dates or hope that my brother is able to get out of the wedding and attend mine?

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    The biggest thing I learned from having a wedding is do not plan  your wedding around other people's schedule. It is about a year out and if your brother really wants to come to your wedding, he'll make it. I wouldn't change my date for that. Also, he is just a groomsmen, although his friend is important, I'm sure you're higher on the priority list. Don't stress, he'll figure it out. And I'm sure your parents will put their $.02 in.

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    you are his sister! of course he will be there!  It is one thing to consider other peoples' plans when booking, but now that you are booked, don't start rescheduling!
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    Ditto PPs.  You have all the "big stuff" booked, don't start rescheduling.  Your brother will reevaluate the situation and will go to your wedding, or your parents will reevaluate it for him Wink
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    thank you everyone! it was reassurance that was good to hear from people who understand.
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