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Memorial candles?

Hi everyone! I posted on here about a month ago, trying to learn about what is required for a Catholic wedding.  We have our wedding booked now, and thanks to everyone who posted with good advice! But I don't think I really introduced myself.

My name is Kirsten, my fiance's name is Matt. I'm 24, he's 28, and we will be married on September 10, 2011. We've been together for three years.  So that's it for my intro, now here's a question :)

My grandma passed away when I was 13, but I still miss her and would like to honor her.  My fiance also has two deceased grandparents.  We would like light a memorial candle for them during or after the ceremony, but can't find any literature about this, and while I will contact my church about it for a definitive answer, I wanted to know if anyone here knows about it?

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Re: Memorial candles?

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    Welcome back!  This is kind of long, but I googled looking for memorial candle ceremony and here is what I got for you:-)!  HTH


    Have you lost someone special to you? If so, you may be saddened by the fact that this loved one will not be there to share in your wedding. Fortunately, a memorial candle ceremony is a way to include a loved one who has died in your wedding ceremony even if that person is no longer with you.

    One way include a memorial candle ceremony is to place a memorial candle on a table near the altar or near the front of the church. A few words about that individual could be spoken at the start of the normal candle-lighting ceremony. The bride and groom can then light the memorial candle together. The wedding officiant could say a prayer before switching to oversee the Unity Candle lighting.

    Candles already are part of typical wedding ceremonies, so the inclusion of a memorial candle would not seem out of place nor tarnish the appearance of your wedding. And, by putting the memorial candle table near the altar and near the Unity Candle, the movement from candle to the next is very fitting and easy to work into the ceremony.

    Having to remember deceased parents during a wedding is especially difficult, yet also can be worked in to the ceremony without problem. Under normal wedding tradition, one or both parents are called to light the individual taper candles on the Unity Candle table for their children. This occurs before the bride and groom light the center Unity Candle. If your parents have passed, however, the bride and groom may light the taper candles and ask the ceremony's officiant to explain the action. Then, the bride and groom may light the Unity Candle.

    Another idea is to use candelabras to hold the candles during your ceremony and ask other family members, like sisters or brothers, to light a candle for each relative that is not there. Candelabras come in several styles, colors and price ranges, making it easy to fit them into any wedding theme and ceremony.

    The memorial candles you use don't have to be just plain and white, although they can be if that best matches your ceremony's decoration and style. In fact, it is possible to find very personalized and stylish memorial candles if you desire. Some are sold in elegant glass vases with the name of the individual who you are remembering printed on the side in a stylish font. You could also have the vase include a simple message, such as, "In loving memory of our mother ... Who is present in our hearts."

    Glass candleholders also may contain printed images, like hearts or flowers, to enhance their appearance and make them even more personal for the occasson. The person you are remembering, for example, may have loved flowers or animals. An image containing flowers or animals, therefore, may be fitting for the candleholder.


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    We're just putting tealights on the chancel rail and have a line in our program saying something like "candles are in memory of: names"
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