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Hello! I'm new to this board and I have a question about getting married in the Lutheran church. My FH is baptized and confirmed Lutheran and I am baptized and confirmed Catholic. What are the requirements for getting married in the Lutheran church? I know I will need to get permission from my most recent parish. Also, what is a typical Lutheran ceremony like? I have never been to one.

I've left a message with the church that we have been to a few times and that we like but I was hoping to get some personal experiences as well :-)


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    [QUOTE]Depends... what kind of Lutheran? 
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    Missouri Synod
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    I am Lutheran but ELCIC (Canadian equivalent of ELCA I believe?) so it's likely different.  Our ceremony included:

    Words of Welcome & Introduction
    Statement of Purpose
    Prayer of Approach
    Legal Admonition
    Declaration of Intent

    Prayer of Preparation
    Reading 1
    Reading 2
    Meditation (Sermon by the pastor)

    Invocation of the Spirit
    Exchange of Vows
    xchange of Rings
    Declaration of Marriage
    Blessing of the Couple
    Marriage Prayer
    The Lord’s Prayer

    The Benediction
    The Signing of the Register
    Presentation of the Couple

    If you want more info or have questions let me know.

    ETA: The "requirements" at our church were that we were both baptized (anywhere), and we had one pre-marital counselling/meeting, but it varies by parish.

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    I think for you would be very simular to a Catholic wedding... 
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    I'm Lutheran - Missouri Synod, but so is FSIL and her husband, and our churches are quite different. I think your best bet is to speak with them in your parish.

    As far as I know, Lutherans recognize any Christian baptism (I know ours does, and we're a pretty "strict" parish as far as Missouri Synod goes -- we practice closed communion.) They may require you to become official members of the church, or have some meetings with the Pastor.

    From what I know, our ceremony will be similar to what naomi posted above.
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    DH and I are Baptist, but we got married in the MS Lutheran church connected to the school I went to through 8th grade.

    We didn't have to do anything except meet with the pastor to discuss everything and pay the "non-member' prices for things.

    Our service included:

    Statements of Intention
    Scripture readings (chosen by us)
    Communion / Special Music
    Exchange of vows
    Exchange of rings

    So it was pretty normal :) The pastor gave us his "stock" wedding service and let us put in our own readings, vows, songs, order, etc.
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