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Gonna Need Some Ruby Slippers...

Also could have been titled...

FI GOT THE JOB!!!!  They want him out there the beginning of February, so it's starting to hit me that I won't see him again until the wedding, which is kinda hurting right now.  Please pray that the next 4 1/2 months will be easier than I'm thinking they will be. :)  Thanks ladies!

Re: Gonna Need Some Ruby Slippers...

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    YAY!!!! I am so happy for you and you fi!!!! I know how hard it can be being long distance. Nate and I did it for 3 months this past summer before we were engaged and it was awful and depending on what happens with him and seminary, I might be in the same boat as well. My prayers are going out to you.
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    Congratulations to your FI!!!  Remember that Skype is your friend and although it's not the same as being together, it is better than not being able to see him at all.  DH and I used to have certain shows that we watched together (which will be hard with regular primetime - time difference - but possible for cable shows like shows on Nick at Nite or Hub TV).  On the commercials we would talk but it was almost like being together and we both looked forward to seeing our shows "together".  There are also other things you can do as a separated couple that you wouldn't do if you were together (like writing letters to each other).  I agree that it won't be easy but the time will fly (I promise) and before you know it, you'll be together!

    How is your family handling it?
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    Okay, cheering for the FI.  

    Praying for you to make it through the LDR the next couple of months... Oh yeah, and I second the recommendation on Skype!  Free, and you can see each other like a video telephone call.  :-) 

    The writing letters thing is really really cool -- and maybe each of you could hold on to the letters and look back on them as a way to reconnect, because you're REALLY in love right now, and maybe when the harder times hit, when you're struggling through something, the letters could be a good thing to pull out and read.  

    Thanks for the update, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  Yay! 
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    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  Hooray!  That's so exciting!   Super super congrats!

    I agree with PP on suggestions for handling an LDR.  Won't you have a Spring Break between now and your wedding?  Couldn't you possibly go visit him for a while then?
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    @sessions- the only issue with spring break is that I'm student teaching this semester, so I'm not guaranteed spring break unless the school I'm at gets it...and with the way snow days are piling up over here, it's not looking good...

    @joesgirl- His family is really excited for him.  His dad's first full-time ministry position was in Kansas 38 years ago, so they're just tickled that their youngest is starting his full-time ministry there, as well...even if the towns are 3 hours apart...
    My family is okay for the most part...even though mom, grandma, and my aunt all cried when I told them did wait until she thought I couldn't see her, though...

    I already have Skype on my computer...not sure if FI has it or not...might need to talk him into that...and getting internet at the apartment sooner rather than later... :)
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    I currently live in Kansas, I moved here over a year ago from beautiful Northern California.  People think I am crazy, but when the Lord moves you, He knows what He is doing.  It is all for His glory!  Two awesome things to look forward to: (1) Seeing God's creation as far as your eyes can see, and (2) the most amazing panoramic sunsets and sunrises for you and your Hubby to enjoy together!   
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    YAyyyyy! Congratulations!
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    Congrats to both of you! 4 and a half months will FLY by! And then you two will have a beautiful life together. You can make it! I will say a prayer. 
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