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****kellya01 ****

Hi Dear!!!

Ok I'm glad to know this is you...I'm super excited for your wedding. Those BM dresses are going to be beautiful!!!! Scout & Tigger miss you. So when are you coming to visit? Oh have your FI send me his aunt's & grandma's addresses please! Thank you!


Re: ****kellya01 ****

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    Hey Ginger!!!! :-)

    Glad to find you on TK.  You are awesome.  We'll plan on coming down soon.... oh, and I'll get FI to send you those addresses... you've probably asked him a bunch of times and he just  doesn't remember to do it!

    Oh, and here is a fun weblink for you:

    I LOVE this cat!!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    very funny cat!! Tigger loves his baths too. I always thought cats didn't like water until I have a cat that wants to jump in the shower with you-he can't do that now with out new stand-up shower.  But he sure does try to jump into the bath!!!
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