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Baaaaack! Wedding Recap & Video

Hey Ya'll! I'm back and a Mrs.! 

The wedding went spectacularly! The only major issue was a wildfire many miles away left ash all over and my dress was instantly filthy. Oh well! I did throw up right before walking down the aisle, so there was that too, but I made it! 

Everyone had a fantastic time. We were married in Estes Park in the mountains at about 6pm. We had a dinner and dance and my uncle, a magician, worked the room and preformed tricks for people. It worked out really well! 

We ended up skipping out of our reception at 9:45 for um... "alone time" haha. We've gotten some crap for that move but oh well! Totally worth it! We were exhausted! 

We honeymooned for a week on Nevis Island in the Eastern Caribbean and had a fabulous time sitting and doing nothing! 

If you want to see how the day looked check out this video! Our videographer was phenomenal. I'm so glad I went ahead with this "splurge" item! Click Here

Hope ya'll had a good couple weeks too! 

Re: Baaaaack! Wedding Recap & Video

  • Hey! Glad you're back and congratulations, Mrs!! You looked GORGEOUS. I loved your dress. So different, but so beautiful!
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  • Thanks! It was my Mom's dress, that's why it's different ;)
  • Everything looks amazing.  Love that you wore your mom's dress (and it looks fantastic on you), LOVE your dad's toast at the reception!  Looks like such a wonderful day :-)
  • You looked gorgeous! I love that you were wearing your Mom's dress (I'm wearing my mother's too but we've had to have a lot of work done on it as she was significantly larger than I am).
  • Congrats!! Sounds like a great time!
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  • I LOVED your video!! Looks like your day was just beautiful! You looked stunning! I'm so sorry to hear about the fires and the erm.. throw up. Hey, if it needed to come out, it needed to come out! ;)

    Congrats MRS!

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    congrats Mrs!! love the video
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  • Congrats, sounds like a fun day!

  • Wow, what a great video!  Your dad's speech was hilarious and touching.  I really liked your theme.  And that's so sweet of you to wear your mom's dress (I refused to wear my mom's, haha).  
  • Congrats!! What an awesome video! You looked beautiful and your venue was gorgeous. While I was watching the video, H was sitting here too and I said "that venue is gorgeous" and he said "sure is!" Guys very rarely notice things like that, so you know that means it's amazing! I can tell from the video how much you guys love each other. So glad you had a great day (sorry about the throwing up incident)! 
  • That video is just wonderful... Glad you had an amazing day!
  • Wow! That video was awesome! Congrats!
  • Welcome back Mrs! Everything looked beautiful, what an incredible wedding location!

    I couldn't agree more that the videographer is the best vendor we booked the entire day. We love watching our wedding video, and know we can show our kids someday. Still pictures just don't do justice when you can watch dances, listen to speeches, relive funny moments, etc..
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