We are looking for a florist recommendation. Fluert in west seattle is already booked on our date. We have gone to one other place in des moines but are looking for a few more. Metropolitain market is swamped with weddings so we haven't gotten in to meet with them yet.


Re: Florist?

  • Ballard Blossom?
  • Thanks Chelsea! I just emailed them.
  • I'd check the West Seattle Thriftway as well.  I've heard of people having good luck there for a reasonable cost too.
  • I would suggest Designs by Courtney - she's amazing!
  • I got my flowers for my first wedding at W Seattle Thriftway. They were easy to work with and though I arranged them myself, they do a great job if you want them to do the arranging for you.
  • I imagine at this point, you have worked out your flower issue but if not, here's a suggestion. I would suggest Pike Place Market. You just have to go in a week or two in advance to tell them what you want. The only downsides are that you have to want what is in season & you would have to buy your own vases or whatever containers you're choosing to use. I am willing to take some time to put the flowers in vases to save that much money. We have spent enough! Anyway, they are gorgeous bouquets for cheaper than anywhere else.
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