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Ok ladies! Im really excited to marry FI but the nerves are kicking in! lol It really doesnt have anything to do with him just the "change" and having to move away from EVERYTHING So please pray for peace and for my attitude and crazy emotions! Im very snappy and crying alot lately lol Thanks!! :)
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Re: Ahhh!

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    Will do.  It's coming soon, a day you've been waiting for a long time!  Trust God to keep your nerves down.  :-) 
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    Praying for peace!! I'm so excited for you!!

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    Praying for you!  I'm not a crier at all, but Hallmark commercials really started getting to me about 2 weeks ago (especially the Mother's Day ones) and this week it's been commercials, songs, TV shows,'s not pretty. 

    I don't know if the emotions would be any different if I wasn't moving 1,100 miles away from everything I've known for 24 years, but it just hit the other day for some reason. 

    Transistion is tough, but I also know that we'll really be able to "leave and cleave" since we're actually...leaving...
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    I am so happy for you! I will be praying for peace and calmness for you. 

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    Praying for peace, you will do great. Remember you're marrying the man of your dreams!
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    Praying for you.  Know that it's perfectly normal (and healthy) to be emotional surrounding big changes in your life.  It might be really helpful for you to journal, or talk to someone (like a pastor or counselor).  I find that it's really good to give those feelings a voice rather than let them consume you.  Irrational, rational, or totally valid, you can't help how you feel...and feeling something bad or unpleasant during a happy time isn't necessarily "wrong".
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    Ahhh indeed!  Take a deep breath, say many prayers, and bask in the fact that you are marrying your FI!  Congrats on the impending nuptials!  I'll be praying!
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    I'm so happy for you! Praying for you!
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    I will pray for you! It will all be wonderful, you'll see! God loves you so much and so does your FI! Hope you are feeling better and excited about this weekend! 
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