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I just have to say that I am so blessed to have a wonderful church family! The ladies at my church threw a bridal shower for me yesterday. I think the word "shower" would be an understatement. "Flood" might be more accurate! When I brought everything home and showed it to FI, we just stood there together, nearly in tears, blown away by their generosity. Neither of us have lived on our own before, so we're starting from scratch and thanks to my church we are well on our way to having everything we need to set up housekeeping. 

Anybody else have a favorite bridal shower experience?
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Re: Bridal shower

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    glad to hear it went so well!!

    I think my favorite shower moment was having all my family and friends to celebrate our marriage and support us. the gifts were nice too but I loved having everyone there together.
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    I'm glad you had a great experience!
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    I haven't had my shower yet. 2 more weeks, I'm so excited!!!!
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    [QUOTE]I haven't had my shower yet. 2 more weeks, I'm so excited!!!!
    Posted by Purple&7[/QUOTE]

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    That's wonderful!!

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    thats what happend to me when I had my son actually...Gotta love church family.

    We have a ton of stuff our registry is not that large at all , we have both lived seperatly it's just kinda new towel and stuff .

    I told my girls I need the shower to be a suprise ...that's all I ask for ... It's the simple lil things.
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    Sounds like a great day!

    The ladies at my church threw me a shower/luncheon a few weeks after the wedding, we had a potluck lunch and the ladies brought a favourite recipe.  A few people brought small gifts (serving bowl, stained glass ornament, cookbook).  There was also a box for money donations - they thought it would be great to give me money for a flight to visit my H!  It was really thoughtful.
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    Awesome!! That's wonderful. 

    My favorite shower moments were: hearing the advice cards read and when FI (now DH) showed up with flowers for me, my mom and his mom.

    My favorite gifts were the personal ones: a hanger with Mrs. and my new last name (that my wedding dress is still hanging on), Mr. and Mrs. mugs, a throw (blanket) with our names and wedding date embroidered and a frame that says Once Upon a Time that already had the pictures in it- one of each of us as babies and an engagement picture of ours in the middle. 
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    Mine is on Saturday I am really excited!  Glad yours went so well.  Praise God.
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