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Now that all the fall TV shows have started or are about to start, what are your favorites?

I never miss an episode of SOA, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Homeland, or The Walking Dead.  I also LOVED American Horror Story last season and I'm looking forward to seeing how this new season plays out.

Some other shows I watch but don't go crazy if I miss are HIMYM, Survivor, Modern Family, The Office, Dexter, and Boardwalk Empire.  The Office hasn't been the same since Steve Carrell left and I don't really love Boardwalk Empire without Michael Pitt.  Dexter used to be one of my favorite shows, but it's getting to be too predictable.
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  • dexter, grey's anatomy, parks and rec, modern family are my must watches. i always watch homeland since it's on right after dexter but i am still on the fence about it. 30 rock is starting tonight and im excited for that as well.
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  • Well last season some of the shows I like were cancelled, like Rob! New shows I like are Revelation, The Mindy Project, The Mob Doctor and Guys wth Kids. Other shows I watch are Up All Night, Mad Men (still trying to catch up) and Girls (season 1 ended over the summer). I do want to watch that Vegas show, but I'll have to catch it on demand. 
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  • Law and Order:SVU, Survivor and Criminal Minds are my favorites :) I don't have a lot of time during the week, but I love getting up and watching them on Sunday mornings in bed, gotta love DVR!!! I really liked this show that premiered last season with Sarah Michelle Gellar called Ringer, but it was cancelled so now I'm left hanging after last season's finale!!!
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  • We don't have cable, so we either stream online or watch past seasons via Netflix. I do love Grey's though. It's the only one I keep current on. We like Big Bang Theory too. I just recently got started watching Vampire Diaries after spending a week with my mom and sisters. 
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  • FI and I both watch HIMYM (though we're both starting to find it a little boring), 2 Broke Girls (one of our new favorites), New Girl, and Big Bang Theory.

    Thanks to Netflix, I got hooked on Drop Dead Diva and Pretty Little Liars.
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  • Greys anatomy is my life blood lol My MOH got me into it years ago. FI doesnt love it but he recognizes it as my me time :) HIMYM and the office are dont misses but I still love the older episodes (Jim and Pams courtship if you will)
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