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Yay 2 month mark for me! Anyone else?

This time next week I'll be getting ready for the biggest day of my life - I don't know where the time has gone. Will the next two months go just as quickly or does it slow down to a turtle's pace?

I've received first two RSVPs... yay... even though the Post Office didn't deliver some without additional postage... but some where delivered with no problems. The odd part is I actually had the gentleman at the post office weigh the envelope for me and tell me what postage I needed. I don't understand why the post office would not have returned the envelope to the sender (me) for additional postage instead of requesting it from the receiver. One was maybe 10 miles from me that needed additional postage, and one that went two states away didn't have any issues - weird! I sent out a mass email to everyone explaining the problem and to let me know if they didn't recieve their invitation and I would send out another invitation (with additional postage!) Embarassed
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Re: Yay 2 month mark for me! Anyone else?

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