Help please with final details...

So I have been thinking about viels and accessories for a few months now and I have not gotten anywhere. I met with someone who makes jewelry and she showed me this idea for earrings. I posted a picture of my dress below which has a lot of distinct details and I have tried several pieces from Macy's and nothing matches. Lastly, I have attached a photo of a sample cathedral veil. I would not be getting this one. I was looking into a one tier full viel with pencil lining on the endges. The veil would be in ivory and not that wrinkled. It's a bad picture but when I tried on shorter veils they cut me and my dress off where your eyes did not look at all the details of the dress. Please help! ;)

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    man oh man i love you in your dress! i love love love the look of the cathedral veil! i think those earrings are beautiful and if you love them, use them! otherwise some crystal chandelier earrings would be gorgeous also.

    i agree that short veils would cut you off and not show the dress off enough. you'll just wear the veil for the ceremony right?
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    yes just for the ceremony! Thanks sarack! It is so hard to envision everything! I'll take all the input I can get! ;)
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    I REALLY like hte veil.  Could u post a pix, with the earrings on? they look a little bunchy and remind me of grapes.  Are there pearls on ur dress? if so, I think they would match really well. But I almost thing having the style be a little more dangly would be nice.
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    I love the style of those earrings (ironically I was just in the Macy's at southcenter today and saw some earrings like that which is where I thought the pic was from!) but I would want it to be a bit longer than they appear in the picture.  JMO.
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    Did you guys take swatches or anything with you to look out jewelry??
    I'm not even sure on where/how to start looking for mine yet...
    Im a white gold kind of girl but will white gold go with ivory/champagne dress?

    I swear sometimes I feel completely dumb when it comes to the simplest things with the wedding. LOL
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