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*face palm*

Ugh.  I find the photos from this past race (only 2 days ago!) and say to my dad "I always feel like I look bigger in photos than real life".  His response, "well, you do have sort of a full figure".  WTF. 

Really?  "well you haven't been running much so...". 

That is what I get for saying anything.

Re: *face palm*

  • Ugh. That would annoy me too.

    BTW, you don't have a "full figure".
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    i wonder if full figure means something different to your dad than what it means to someone "our age".

    i also feel like i look bigger in photos than i am. but then i think that i have that body image thing and i just think i am slimmer in my head than i might be IRL.
  • My dad is not the most suave or savvy guy.  AND I'm convinced it is a bad angle.  I like how I look damnit.  So there...stick that in your pipe and smoke it. >>evil eyes to dad<<
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    yeah. next time, no self-depricating remarks about yourself. someone rude might agree!

    fwiw, you have a fab figure. and IMO, if you can climb to the 8th floor using the staircase without losing your breath, i admire your body.
  • get a room.
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    Make sure that face palm is going to your dad's face.
  • I'm guessing that was his non-creepy way of saying you have a nice rack.
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