My FI and I had our e-pics done outside in the Arboretum with the beautiful fall colored leaves.  We plan on using some of these pics with our STDs.  We haven't received the edited pics yet.

Should we do our STDs with our intended wedding colors (black, red and turquoise) or to match the background in the pics?
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Re: STDs

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    Either/or is fine! Naturally you want them to look nice and match whatever background you have, but just select a STD that you like! Matching to your wedding colors is completely optional. :-)
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    I think either would be fine as long as it went with your overall theme (as far as casual, semi-formal, black tie, etc).  I know I'm having a lot of polka dots in my decor, so I couldn't find the perfect color match for our STDs, so I just looked for something that was blue (more teal blue than our royal blue), but it had polka dots.

    I don't think anyone (except for the most OCD people) would notice or care if your STDs didn't match your wedding colors perfectly.
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    my std's didn't match my invites, but they came around and matched the decor of the wedding.  I agree that i don't think people will remember, so go for it. 
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