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what sticks out to you?

Dear Amy: My husband and I have been good friends with another couple for over 10 years. We meet them for dinner with our families on a regular basis.

I have noticed that my friend (who is an affluent money manager) will order water, get a cup and then serve herself soda from the "self-serve" soda fountain. This theft embarrasses me to no end, and frankly, I find stealing even a small level to be a sign of bad morals.

We have small children and I do not want them thinking this behavior is OK.

The more I venture out in public, the more I see people stealing drinks, making me wonder how people justify this behavior? The knowledge that the cost is passed on to the rest of us is also irritating.

On the other hand, we do love these people and I don't want to anger my husband by offending them.

How should I handle this?



Re: what sticks out to you?

  • GBCKGBCK member
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    why is she skeered of offending her husband?
  • 'Dude, we paid for our drinks; I'm pretty sure your ass can do the same.'

    Or I'd tell an employee because I'm a passive-aggressive biotch like that.

  • Didn't you have a similar dilemma?
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    [QUOTE]Didn't you have a similar dilemma?
    Posted by **O-Face**[/QUOTE]

    That's what I was thinking
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    My dilemma was the refills -- I actually paid for the soda.  The question was whether a refill on the way out the restaurant was considered stealing..

  • *side eye*  okie dokie then
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    They just need to have a kid and stick the soda in the stroller.  All is fine.

  • Refills on the way out of the restaurant - not stealing.
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    I actually saw this played out in Noodles & Co. recently...

    Mom buys all of her kid's food & asks for water.
    The kids fill their waters and head to seats.
    Mom looks and says to kid age 10 "Is that Lemonade?".  Kid pauses, determining if he could fib.  Mom grabs cup and sips.  Orders kid to go get water.  Kid said he couldn't "Fffiiiiiind" the water on the machines.  
    Mom, at that point notices kid age 8ish has sprite.  He also claimed he couldn't find the water and that it would make a mess to dump it out.

    Kids had to go to the counter, apologize, return their cups, get new cups and put water in.
    (It was probably a PITA for the employees, mom was mortified and PISSED.  But she also seemed pretty determined that her kids wouldn't 'profit' from getting the wrong stuff.)

  • I can't believe she's dithered this long about it. The first time I saw it I'd be all "That's stealing, you know." I wouldn't be able to help it. 

    And no, refills on the way out are not stealing. 
  • That mom is my hero, GBCK. 
  • I would start asking if he is enjoying his stolen soda.  Or offer to buy him a soda since he wants one so bad but can't seem to afford it.  If that doesn't shame him into paying up I would quit going to dinner with them at fast food restaurants.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    yeah, she was pretty awesome in her handling of it.
    Her kids were looking pretty much ilke they were going to kiss her ass/clear the table/etc for the rest of the meal :)

    (I'm fine w/ refills on the way out.  Esp since I'd drink it if I stayed there, I'm just clearing out to give them more room :)
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    Re: refills on the way out - profit margin on soda is insane byoud have to drink 2 gallons for them to lose money on that. The money manager dude is a douche. Somehow, that sounds redundant.

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