Best Bargain?

Seriously, no posts yet today? I must be the only one trapped at work. Anyhow, those who went shopping what is the best bargain you got? I got some leather gloves on rue la la for over 50% off. They are red.
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Re: Best Bargain?

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    I got my daughter (she's turning sweet 16 in December) a Rebel Digital SLR camera (she's an awesome photographer and has only used film so far...)
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    This board is seriously boring today!  FI went to go play poker (and he's up a good chunk of change, yippee! he says we won't have to cancel Christmas after all!) and I refuse to brave the mobs of black Friday.  So I'm just chillin' at home.  I did buy the first present of the season though!  It wasn't a bargain by any means, but FI really wanted one of those Starbucks reusable cold cups that look like the disposable ones when they came out in the summer, and when we went back to buy one, they were sold out.  So I went down to get a chai latte & I bought him one.  Go me.  One present down...
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    I sorta thought today would be busy on the board since most people wouldn't be working. I had to go in for the morning but it was pretty dead in the office. I forgot about the shopping part of the day.

    Our best bargain was actually WR. We got all our paper for STDs, invites, escort cards, & place cards. Only $90 for 150 guests' worth :). I recommend the Paper Zone in SoDo if you like to see supplies in person before you buy them.

    Now if I can just convince FIe that pocketfolds aren't the work of the devil ...

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    I bought my dad a 32" tv at target! I have never actually gone early to buy anything but FSIL/MOH were at Target at 4 something, in the VERY back of the line almost. Literally the door was on one side of the store, we were at the other end of the store. The store only had 40 tvs and I got one! I was so proud of myself. This guy put his hand on it but I was next in line and the worker there gave it to me! $250. That is good. :) I also bought a bunch of games/toys for my nieces and nephews. And, I got twilight scene it for $10. FSIL got a TON of stuff! It was fun. I'm exhausted though.

    I love those cups. I should get FI one because he always uses mine!
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    Michaels had the Christmas ornaments I was looking for at 50% off!! YAY!!
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    I was going to buy a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses on Rue La La, but they sold out before I could. Cry  Ah, well, I'm just trying to tell myself it wasn't meant to be.  Plus I do have a hard time with sunglases fitting right sometimes, especially the bigger ones which these ones were.
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    My FI stayed up all night with my parents and sister... got into Walmart at midnight to stand in line for a sony 46" TV... they were second in line and got it (although had to wait until 5am in the line! CrAZY!!) But they got it for only $798!!  It was a TV for my parents too but he hung in line with my Dad all night... what an amazing FI :)

    I however cannot stand large crowds but would have gone if we were going to get something... maybe next year after all this crazy saving for the wedding is O.V.e.R!
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    I got my FI a GPS for $100 less than regular price on Amazon.com  for his gift. And today we went to Fred Meyer's and got new towels for a low price as well. I love how Black Friday has expanded thru Sun!
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    Ditto on the Black Friday love now a Black weekend - makes it so much easier. :) Although, I did only go out on Friday. My mom and brother's wife are into it, so we strategize while fat and full from the turkey. Michael's actually had their's start on Thursday at 6 or so and we went then. Their registers were down three times and Mom and I were just about to give up when it finally came back online (we waited about half an hour!). Nothing for a present but just some I've been needing and I was able to get the resin I need to DIY cufflinks for FI for 40% off PLUS no tax because I was in Portland. Yippee, I love going back to my home state! I was able to get $110 worth of fabric at Fabric Depot for $60 and that covers my table runners and a square overlay for the guest book table. Mom is going to help sew them for me.
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