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*LS* (again)

We're almost through season 3 of Sons of Anarchy (or "Anark-ee, as the kiddo calls it).

We have like 2 or 3 eps left and then onto season 4.  I'm hoping we can get it all in before the premiere. 

Also, did you hear that Joel McHale is going to be on the upcoming season as a con man?

Re: *LS* (again)

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    YES! I'm so happy you're watching it. The last episode of Season 3 and Season 4 are GOOD. You'll definitely watch it quickly once you get into it.

    I can't wait to discuss come September. Also, Jimmy Smits will be on it as well!
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    I tried really really really hard to watch that show.  The acting and writing are excellent, it's just too much.  We even tried just watching one a week and it was still too much for me.  It's like Breaking Bad, sometimes I have to just stop watching it b/c it's too intense and mind shattering.

    I love Joel McHale.  
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    See, I can handle Sons of Anarchy. It is a lot - very intense and disturbing at times, but I cannot make it through more than 2 minutes of Breaking Bad. It's so gritty and rough. And the whole meth thing freaks me out.
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    My tolerance for watching violence was at an all-time low about 5 or 6 months ago.  Things would upset me and/or make me cringe/uncomfortable that never would in the past.  I watched a lot of the last season of Spartacus through my fingers because I just could not handle it.  Same with when DH wanted to watch more than 2 SoA eps a night.

    It's gotten better for me.  I also think that they've eased off on the violence.  It's there, but not as integral to the story.
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    We've been on an extended break from Breaking Bad.  We keep wanting to get back into it, but the problem we've had is that it is so intense and so violent, but it cliffhangers every danged time and we just have to have to have to have to know what's happened, so we start the next show.  We're stuck somewhere in the middle of the 2nd season I think, soon after he kills the crazy crazy crazy Latino drug dealer.

    Others have said the violence eases up a bit, but ~whew~ trying to get through it just hurts.  I can't even remember where we stopped now, but my friend told me what happened in the following episode and my mouth fell open and I just thought, "I'm out.  I'll read the synopsis or something".
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    I am up to date finally on SOA.  Netflix needs to have the next ones ASAP :-P
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