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I admit.....

I admit to watching the Duggars last night and getting a bit misty when they lost their baby.

I admit to putting off seeing baby #2 since last Wed because I didn't want to see another newborn up close and personal.

I admit to being glad that I sucked it up and saw baby #2 last night, and got to encourage my sleep deprived, not producing a lot of milk friend. She needed the hug.

I admit that I'm 5lbs away from gaining back the 25lbs that I lost. Sista, what's going on?

I admit that I love my mom even though she's special.

I admit that I would be sad if my sister moved because she's seriously thinking about it.

I admit that I've been on the Knot way too long, but don't have any plans on leaving.

I think that's it for now.

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    [QUOTE]<strong> I admit that I've been on the Knot way too long, but don't have any plans on leaving. </strong>
    Posted by NOLABridesmaid[/QUOTE]

    Like x a billionty. 
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    Nola, I think you've said no before, but would you ever consider adopting on your own?  If anyone I know would be good at it, you would.

    If something happened to H tomorrow I would seriously consider adopting on my own in a year or two.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Zsa, I think I've given myself until 44 or 45 before I went down that road.

    1. I would have to save.
    2. I haven't given up hope.
    3. I would want to do all the stuff it would be hard to do if I was raising a kid on my own.

    Many women are single moms, but they have an ex-husband, ex-partner. I would be doing this all by myself. My mom doesn't live in the same state, and my sister might not be here either. It's a lot to do by yourself.

    I tell myself that I would be ok if I never had a family, and I'm sure I would, but deep down I would be sad about it.

    I'm not woe is me about it because I'm so blessed, you know.

    I think that God has something in store for me that I couldn't do if I had a family to focus on. I'm trying to focus and hear what that might be.

    Anyway, this it turning into my therapy session for the day.:)
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    I did have a funny last Friday. I met a friend for Happy Hour. I told her we have to get there before 5 because it gets crowded quickly.

    She always asking why I don't date more, right. After five minutes of people watching she said that she now understands.

    You have the young dudes, the older dudes looking for younger chicks, the married dudes looking for anybody, the dudes that like dudes,.... you get the picture.

    I think she will stop asking why don't I date more.:)

    I'm looking for the nice nerdy dude with a slight belly, and a good 401K. Hee

    I did meet a nice guy and we bonded over attending the same college. I had to chuckle when he  said he graduated in 08. Bless his heart.
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    I don't blame you.  I would rather poke myself in the eye with a hot poker than go on a date.

    I've been arguing with God a lot lately about the "other purpose" thing.  I told him that I am going to be more than a little peeved if my purpose is really to do these boring spreadsheets for the rest of my life. I've trying to get involved with volunteer stuff, but all anyone wants me for is data entry.  I spend too much time in front of a computer as it is.  Something has gotta give.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Zsa, I had to start learning to play dumb when asked about skills that I didn't want to do anymore.  It feels mean and somehow cheating, but I swear if I had to be data entry one more time b/c "you type so fast!" I was going to murder someone.
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    I have a rule that I will go on a first date with just about anybody. Now, a second date is something different. hee

    I don't think that people that are out of the game understand how hard it is to meet good people at this point in your life. The game sucks, yo.

    Zsa, I think it's so easy to fall into a rut, and the daily routines of life. We aren't here to just go to work and home. I was in a huge rut last year, but this year is much better. I'm content, but I'm also making myself do more things and enjoy myself.

    I don't want to have regrets or things I wish I would have done when I'm old.

    I also know that God hasn't left me and loves me through everything.
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Maybe it has to do with it being a change in season or something, but I've also been questioning my next step.  At this point in my life, marriage, and parenthood, this job is perfect because of a) the work I do and hours I keep and b) working from home and c) the fact that DH is hoping that he can move onward (and hopefully, upward) in the next year and who knows what kind of work, hours, etc. that would mean for him.   But I am b-o-r-e-d. 

    I need to get my ass in gear and look into completing my degree.  At the time I would finish school (if I started now), DefConn would be going to kindergarten. 

    I also am trying to figure out what interests of mine I'd like to explore more.  I feel like I'm lacking some passion for something...anything (outside of my marriage/kids).  
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    6fsn6fsn member
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    I love you Nola.
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