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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

  • Dear constantly nauseous stomach,
    I understand that you have to do flips all the time when stressed out, but all those summersaults REALLY aren't helping the situation. Settle down and let me focus on the next 7 weeks. 

    K, thanks.
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  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
    edited May 2012
    Dear family, 

    Please stop bickering over dates for the bridal shower and b-party. At this point I am over them. Thanks!

    -Tired Bride

    Dear FMIL,

    I swear to god every single thing we update you on gets criticized to the max. A text message later does not make me feel any better. If I do not share with you, you biiiitch. If I do share with you  , you biiitch... either way I am screwed.

    -Bride who needs serious drinks 
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  • I am sorry you are having a tough time with dates and your FMIL sparent! Luckily though you don't have too much longer right? What was your date again?
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  • I'm getting close! September 8th :D
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  • I'm the bride. Let me decide
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