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Is blue nails really a thing, or is this guy as much of a random weirdo as I think?

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totally facebook staking my ex

I can't believe it! I can't believe he ACTUALLY found a Salma Hayek look a like who is shorter than him (he's only 5'4"), who paints her nails blue for him and is into sports!HA!

I'm not jealous at all. Not one iota. In fact, I remember the moment I knew it was "over" was when he bitched to me that I didn't "try to look hot for him" (aka have my nails constantly manicured and painted electric blue and wear skimpy clothing). I told him there are plenty of guidettes in Queens who dress like whores, and who regularly get manicures done. Besides, it doesn't pay for me to get my nails done as I'm always getting paint on my nails when I do my artwork.

(Not knocking women who get their nails done, that's all fine and good. It's incredible that all the things he wanted: a short, submissive, woman with blue nails appears out of the woodwork). Good for him. He better not let this one get away. God bless her for keeping her nails blue and wearing mini skirts all the time. lol. :p

Re: Is blue nails really a thing, or is this guy as much of a random weirdo as I think?

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    I think this is a one-off fetish.

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    aside from half the population of the jersey shore....weird fetish

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    my toenails are ice blue right now. they are often shades of blue, because it's my favorite color, but i never knew of a guy who cared
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    I just asked my FI, and he said he wouldn't care if I painted mine, no matter what color they were.
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