Wedding Woes


The m&m party is on for Sunday. 

oh. my. god. It is impossible to find any m&m stuff anymore, except for pricey collectibles and (also expensive) stuff directly from the m&m store. I just spent like 3 hours printing crap off the web (*even that is nearly impossible to find)

There will be lots of actual candy, along with things (bowls, cups, tablecloths, balloons, etc.) in m&m colors. We will be playing the "guess how many m&ms in the jar" game.

And, of course, the "m" t-shirts everyone will have, thanks to Duckis. (Gah! Still need to get solid-colored t-shirts for the boys.)

But mostly it's just kids running around having fun, which is fine. 

My parents are due in a couple of hours, so crazytown starts tonight.

I think I'll squeeze in one daily show viewing before the chaos begins.

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