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We decided that we need to get our save the dates out ASAP because we know of a lot of weddings this year we have to go to and a couple more friends/family got engaged over christmas.  I was looking at but had trouble getting the preview to work so I couldn't see the final product before ordering.  I just want to do magnets with something that goes with our theme and maybe a guest info insert.
I thought about DIY option but I don't want them to look cheap. 

Any recommendations that will help me get them out before the end of January?

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    We ordered through Magnet Street (PIB under All Things Paper is from the preview).  Not sure why the preview function isn't working - can you try on a different computer?

    Once we ordered them, we had them in about a week and just used the regular shipping.  I would sign up on their website for coupons.  They just had a 25% off coupon for the holiday.   
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    I second magnet street. That is who we used (picture in bio) and they were fantastic. They e mail you the proof to double check before it goes into printing as well.
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    I will third MagnetStreet, which also worked just fine for me.  If something is a bit buggy about the website, try clearing out your cache and visiting the site again, or trying the site using a different browser (Firefox instead of IE). 

    There are pics of our save the dates in my planning bio....they happily customized the color of our save the dates to match our wedding colors and they cam out just great.  I also had them VERY quickly, within about a week or so of placing the order.
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    Magnet Street seemed great until I got to the preview part.  I'm happy to hear that you received them that quickly.  I guess I can always call a support line to answer any questions before going through with the order. 
    Thanks for all the feedback!
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