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April 2012 Weddings

Hair combs--down to two options, help me decide!

Okay so I'm going for this look for my hair:


And my combs are down to these two options:
Option 1 is slightly longer-- 3.75 inches


or this one which is only 2.25 inches


I want a little something special and sparkly, but I'm super indecisive! Help please!!

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Re: Hair combs--down to two options, help me decide!

  • I"m loving #1!  Tough call though, they're both very pretty!!  GL

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  • Ha!  I have been looking at buying #2 as well, cause I'm doing the same thing with my hair! 
    But #1 is really pretty...if you want something more sparkly I would say go with #1.  I was looking around at the mall the other day at combs they had, and found one similiar to #2 and it was pretty, but didn't seem to have enough blinginess to it.

    The Etsy one is better than anything I saw, I'm sure, but at the same time, I just wonder if it would disappoint in real life.  Probably not.

    I must say, you have great taste!
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  • casserole27casserole27 member
    edited December 2011
    I like #2 the best, even though it's smaller to me it stands out more.
    However both will be gorgeous whichever you pick!

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  • I like #1 better, but if you wear a flower similar in color to the pearls (like in the picture), then I'd go with #2.
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