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How Many Guests Fit Into 2500 sq. ft space?

My girlfriend and are planning our commitment ceremony and we are looking at unique spaces in the Philadelphia area. The one space in particular has told us it's 2500 sq. ft. and we are trying to figure out how many people that could hold. We are looking at a 150-200 person reception.Does anyone know:1. How to calculate this?2. If there is a site that can help me?Thanks!!!-kim (and sarah)

Re: How Many Guests Fit Into 2500 sq. ft space?

  • I just googled people per square foot for party planning and came up with a number of sites.  Here's one for a tented reception, but it might help:  (Sorry, don't know how to make it clicky)
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  • Maybe you could contact the hall and see what their maximum occupancy number is. Did they have any fire code signs posted in the hall? Those ought to list the maximum number of people allowed in the space. You could also post on the Philadelphia board and ask if anyone's had an event there.
  • Hello - - It sort of depends on how you are wanting the room set up.  Is this for a ceremony only?  If so, and you just need chairs (no tables) you can easily fit 200 people.However, if this is for a reception and you need round tablers, a dance floor, etc.  it probably won't work.  With rounds of 8 and a dance floor, head table, cake table, you could hold around a hundred.I work for a Hilton property as an event coordinator - and have done numerous weddings.  This is where I know this info :)  Good luck!There are several sites that calculate space, but I hate using those. It is much easier to ask someone who knows, the space calculators are always off. 
  • Thanks for the expert advice! We are going to go see it this Saturday - it's actually a studio space and we are indeed trying to plan our reception there, with all the things you mentioned. I really appreciate your feedback about the general sense of things! I am horrible with "people per space" plus tables, etc. It's so unique that I was hoping it would work, but it might not. We'll see! Our journey continues...thanks everyone!!
  • We had 1600 square feet (a tent) and fit 112 people at round tables, a cake, gift table, DJ, dance area, buffet lines, and bar with room to spare. So I would think 2500 sq ft would fit more than 100 people.
  • You could also use long, rectangular tables instead of round since they take up less space. We used long, rectangular tables - PIB. Def talk to the person at the venue, it also depends on the shape of the room.
  • Yes it may be possible to squeeze for people in.  I'm sort of going by our space.  Our conference center has airwalls that divide the space, so it isn't a perfect flat wall like a tent would be.  I hope that makes sense.  I was just trying to offer an opinion :)  I love the idea of a tent wedding!
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