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Honoring military in the wedding/reception

Both on my side and my fiance's side there are quite a few people that have served/are serving in the military and we would like to honor them in some way...maybe a particular song at the reception to just have them and their spouse dance or ? I really am not sure of any ideas but I would love to do something!! Help! :-) ~Janelle

Re: Honoring military in the wedding/reception

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    You could have the officiant offer a prayer, or a moment of silent reflection, in gratitude of all those who have served. If you're Catholic, include a line in the Prayer of the Faithful asking for their safety.
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    Thanks :-) yeah I wasn't too sure on the dance idea, but was just trying to think of something cool and different ;-) thanks!
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    You sound like a very thoughtful bride.  Thank you for thinking about everyone in such a lovely manner.
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    Hey, I got my start in the Air National Guard!  My dad was also in it, and their was a recruiting drive my Senior year in HS.  The guys would get 25.00 for each person they got to enlist.  My father SOLD me to the Air National Guard!  I'm not even kidding.  Although there was something in there about paying for my college tuition too. I told him many years later it was a good thing it all worked out or his nursing home would have sucked.
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    Nice! Thats great!! What are you doing now? Still in the military? Lol thats cool :-) nice!!
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