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We are trying to finalize the time line for parts of the reception.  We are trying to determine when to do the toasts, photo montage, first dance and cake cutting.  What is the first thing you did after the grand entrance??We are thinking of:ToastsPhotos(during salad)Cake Cutting(dinner)first danceShould we switch the photo montage and toasts?  Please share your ideas and time line!  Thanks! 

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    We did: Entrance First dance Prayer Meal Parent dances Open dancing Toasts/Cake cutting Open dancing I like doing the photos during the meal. It keeps people from feeling like they have to watch something. I don't think you should do the cake until after the meal, though. How about doing the toasts during the entree, then do the first dance immediately after, and then cut and serve the cake an hour later?
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    this is tentatively what we're doingCocktail Hour (photos)EntranceDinnerFirst DanceFather/Daughter and Mother Son DanceDancingToastsCake CuttingDancingEndWe don't want too much dancing before the cake cutting because we don't want guests to leave right after when there is still lots of dancing to do!
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    How about Toasts during Salad Photos during dinner cake cutting 1st dance
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    At my cousin's wedding last month they did:EntranceToastsCake CuttingDinnerDancing (starting w/first dance)Desserts/CakeIt flowed very nicely.  Another cousin last year had photos before salad while nothing else was happening and it dragged a bit.
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    We did, Entrance First dance toasts salad Mom/son, Dad/daughter dances DinnerMoney dancesflower/garter tossmore dancingCake cuttingWe had a photo slide show running the entire time of the reception so people could watch when they wanted
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    Are you having your cake cutting before dinner? I would have that at least after dinner. It can be before or after your dance. Some people say that quests stay to see the cake cutting so if your worried people might leave earlier (like if your not having alchol or older folks) you might have it a little later in the evening or vice versa, and once the older folks leave you can get your party on :). If people have to wait between the ceremony and dinner for you to arrive its nice to watch the photos then. It helps pass the time. I think the worst is when the photos are the only thing going (with the bride and groom there) and you feel obligated to watch and it draws out the wait before dinner. Other than that your DJ should be able to give you some ideas as far as how to put the other pieces together.
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    Having your cake cutting earlier and before dinner allows you to get all the "must-have" photos out of the way and lets the photographer/videographer leave in enough time that it could save you those extra hour fees that they always charge. It might signal to guests that it is ok for them to leave but the only people who are going to leave a party that has free food, drinks and dancing are going to be mainly the older guests who are tired. I say cut it early and serve it as dessert like one of the pp suggested!
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