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Generic song list

Did anyone need to provide a list of songs for their DJ?  I'd like to give him something to work from.Does anyone know where to find a generic list of songs that I can print and check off the ones that I want, for my dj?

Re: Generic song list

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    My dj has all kinds of songs, so there insn't much for me to do. Some dj's require a must play list and a do not play list. Just ask for some of your favorite songs. Ask friends and family for help.
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    Does your dj have a list? Most djs have a list of their popular songs on their websites, although not all of them have been updated for the current wave of music. You can browse websites at in the vendor reviews section and see what you find to work with. You should let them know what 10 or so must plays you have, genres and artists you like, as well as a do not play list that includes artists/genres/songs you don't want to hear. Then if you intend to have requests, you have to let them know what your stand is if someone wants something from your do not play list.
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