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I'm trying to find a 3-4 person band for my reception and my mom and I are having an argument over the budget for it. We definitely want a band and not a DJ or anything playing on an Ipod. How much did you all budget for your band? Any tips on the best approach for finding someone without going through a booking agent?

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    We're paying $500 for our Irish band (4-5 members) for 4 hours.  We had budgeted up to $800 but we aren't having a DJ at all.  The $500 includes the piper playing us into the reception after the ceremony.I don't know what your theme is, but ours is Irish.  I checked with the local Highland Festival and our band plays alot of cultural and foundation type stuff.  You might want to check arts & music festivals in your area too.I found mine on my own because everytime I mentioned wedding to someone the price went up several hundred dollars.  I could say party and it was $100 per hour but wedding was straight up $700 before any extras.Good Luck!
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    My daughter had a 7 piece band at her reception and it wasn't cheap.  The cost was about $600/hour for the cocktail hour and reception but I do feel they were well worth it.She researched bands on and then, rather than using the booking agent, she searched  online for contact info for the band she was interested in and then dealt with them directly.
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    Google bands in your local area, check out bars/ local events that have live music and start going to gigs, approach bands you like and get a card from them then contact them for prices.  This may be a fun way to get your Fi involved in wedding planning, either make it a fun night out for you both or, if you trust his musical taste, send him out to bars with his friends to find your perfect band! Have a look on entertainment agency websites and if you see any bands you like google them to see if they have their own website and if you can book them direct.
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    Where are you located? There is a band called "To Tbe Max" they play every friday night at Cafe Madison in Riverside,NJ. If you need more info email
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