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  • That sounds absolutely amazing! luvoo mentioned a mashed potato bar. They had one at the last wedding I went to, and everyone LOVED it.
  • Its your wedding, you can do whatever you want.  Sounds like a very fun, and laid back wedding.
  • Sounds great! Your wedding should reflect you as a couple so go for it! I think you can display it in a way that makes it feel a little more formal as well... One of our comfort foods is grilled cheese with tomato soup so we're going to have grilled cheese sandwiches cut in fouths and put on a skewer then place them on a martini glass of tomato soup (I saw this in a magazine article but it fit us perfectly!). I think guests will love having something familiar but have it served in a really fun and classy way!Hope your guests enjoy, sounds delicious!!!       [url=][img][/img][/url]  
  • I love this idea. I grew up in the midwest and people almost always had a comfort food reception. For my wedding held in Houston, TX we are having a BBQ reception. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and reception.
  • OK, so I see I'm not the only one! My sweetie is from SC and loooves to eat and I love to cook! (LOL he says that is one of the reasons he is marrying me). I want our wedding to feel like a party. We would be going buffet style anyway.  We have moved back to my hometown (Miami) and I have been thinking of have a more "southern" wedding. In fact for the rehersal dinner I am planning a low country boil.I say go for it! I am digging the whole mashed potatoe bar thing yummm!
  • I think it's a fine idea.  We're roasting a hog (and maybe a goat) at my reception.
  • I think your setting & food ideas sound wonderful & your guests will love it ... we had our reception in a 100+ year old rambling rustic cabin. We served roasted chicken halves, baked beans, potato salad & yeast rolls. Many of our guests told me it was the most personal & relaxed reception they had ever attended.
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  • LOVE IT!! I have had so many people ask me if we can get the mac & cheese from the kids buffet as an option on the adults' buffet. All of the items you listed sound yummy and hardly anyone ever does comfort food, so I think your guests will love it.
  • From what you're describing, I think a comfort food buffet is the perfect way to go.  Definitely reflective of the style wedding you are planning.  Sounds like a great compliment to your theme.
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  • As long as it's not out-of-a-box mac-n-cheese, but the REAL thing with real noodles, cream and cheese...not lazy at all, that would be AMAZING! I personally wanted foods I'm more familiar with and that are favorites to me. What I wouldn't do for a heap of something like mac-n-cheese and shepherd's pie. I think most people honestly prefer foods they can dig into and enjoy than foods that look more like expressionist art than a meal anyway. Go ahead, give them something they will actually salivate over. If I had a choice between a wedding with your menu, and one with super fancy things like escargot, caviar, and super "classy" plated meals, I'd choose yours. Hands down. Go for it!
  • The food sounds wonderful---what I would reconsider is making your guests sit on bales of straw. That just sounds really pokey and itchy and messy and uncomfortable.
  • sounds AMAZING!! can i come????? :o)
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  • I love your idea.  It's just wonderful!
  • ^^ I have been to 3 farm weddings where hay bales were used as seating. Most people put quilts and blankets over them, but even without the blankets, they're not uncomfortable at all. All of those weddings were way fun, too. Shauni, i like the hay bails idea! Having seen it before, I think it really does add to the rustic beauty of an outdoor farm set up. I hope you'll post photos of the wedding on here somewhere afterwards!
  • i love this idea but only if you invite me, ok?i don't know if i love the hale bale idea, though... not without a warning, anyway. I'm allergic... so that would suck if I wasn't warned beforehand.
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