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Hi ladies,we re planning a september wedding next year at a farm in nh.  very rustic down home wedding (think mason jars for drinking out of, hay bales for ceremony seating, lots of lanterns, etc).  My fiance and I both love comfort foods and love seeing hot restaurants all of a sudden carrying comfort foods like mac and cheese, etc. question--it is cheesy or tacky to do a comfort food buffet?  we were thinking homemade mac and cheese, shepards pie, and new england pot roast.  i want it to be cool and rustic and enjoyable, but i dont want people to think we were just lazy about choosing foods.  thoughts?  what would you think if you went to a rustic wedding like this and had those food options (plus veggie sides, obviously)?

Re: Tacky or doable?

  • I think that sounds awesome.  I have no idea why anyone would think that is "lazy"...
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  • I don't see anything wrong with it. I know a few people that have done that for their wedding. I know there is one knottie that is having BBQ at her reception.
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  • I don't know why it would be lazy either. It fits the theme.
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  • absolutely doable.invite me, okay?
  • I would totally be in love with any wedding that served mac and cheese buffet style.  They'd have to roll me out the doors!
  • My niece had BBQ at her lovely, tented reception in May.  It was fabulous!  I didn't hear a single complaint about the terrific food!  Go for it.
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  • I think it's a great idea - those are some of my favorite foods!
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  • Mac 'n cheese is never tacky. But it is *always* delicious. I'd personally rather attend a wedding with food that I've heard of (and actually like) than one of those weddings where I can't pronounce the name of the main course.

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  • I can't imagine why it would be tacky or lazy. Most people prefer familiar comfort foods to something exotic or fancy that is only served because it's a wedding. If you were having a Food Network chef, then they would tell you that you can't and steer you toward something your guests may not even eat. But if you want your guests to enjoy the food that is served, get something they like that they are familiar with, otherwise it will be thrown out and yours will be talked about as the one with strange bad food. The menu you have planned sounds delicious and most people would agree. I'd personally rather have that than 99.9% of the catering menus that are "required" for a wedding by caterers.
  • It's awesome and your guests will be thrilled I'm sure! You might let people know in advance so they can wear roomy clothes ;) We're have a pretty formal reception and still serving BBQ, because the region is known for it and we love it so much, and the guests we've told are stoked.
  • Why would they need "roomy" clothes?
  • I think that's awesome. We are serving pot roast, which goes along the same lines. Its not like you are giving them hot dogs and fritos, although I'd be fine with that too.
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  • Yum! Do it!
  • LOL Let them know to wear roomy clothes in case they eat too much of the yummy food. I think it's a great idea, but my opinion means squat because we want pizza and fries.
  • I think it's awesome too! We are having a pizza buffet with pasta, bread, and salads to round it out. everyone we've told so far thinks it's awesome and the chef at our venue couldn't have been more excited when he realized he got to make pizzas instead of having to make yet another chicken meal lol
  • I think that sounds like a fantastic idea and it goes really well with the theme! If you are worried about it being to "laid-back" maybe try to go with the upscale version like they sometimes do at restaurants. Also try putting it in pretty dishes that look "fancy" or "expensive" (but dont need to be!). Clear or crystal dishes would probably work well. Lastly you could maybe make cool unique names for the food and put out place cards in front of each dish. That would definitely make it seem that you had a lot of thought behind it and make it unique and fun! hope that helps :)
  • Check out my menu in my bio.  I'm doing comfort food for our wedding and I think it's going to be fabulous.  It can all be in the presentation.
  • The food sounds great,  it's actually very fashionable to serve "comfort food" these days, but I really don't get the whole "mason jar" thing, I know it's really popular and quirky but as a guest I would seriously be hunting around for a proper glass to drink out of IMO it ranks right up there with plastic cups : (
  • Ohhhh that sounds de-licious.
  • It sounds like it really goes with the theme of your wedding. It sounds really nice!
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  • Oh and since it's New England, if you want something a little "classier" maybe clam chowder or lobster thermidor?
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  • YUM! my mouth is watering!!! I think its perfect! Why would you have fancy food if you are doing all the rustic theme? Nobody will think its lazy or tacky at all, personally I like the comfort foods over some fancy dish with lots of fluff and things in there that I don't even know what they are! Mac and cheese and shepherds pie are my fav! I would totally go this route if I was getting married outside or at a farm.
  • That sounds awesome!  Can I come to your wedding?  ;)
  • I've totally been advocating the mashed potato minibar for our reception, because that's my favorite food. If those are some of your favorite foods, do it! It's not like you're forcing people to eat weird things they've never heard of. Plus, NH is cold in the fall. New England as a whole is. Is there not a better food for those crisp days than some comfort food? Besides maybe hot cider.
  • It fits the theme and I love it!! Thats an awesome idea! If I went to a wedding with mac n' cheese I would be in heaven!!!
  • If I went to a wedding with mac n' cheese I would be in heaven!!!that x 10!!! i love it :)
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  • it sounds perfect!!! my friend served mac 'n' cheese at her wedding because it's her favorite food and everyone ate it up! i mean, who doesn't love mac 'n' cheese!? also, Martha Stewart's assistant had a very similar wedding (barn, rustic flowers/decor, comfort food, etc). i believe the wedding was featured in this year's summer or fall issue. you should check it out for more fun rustic ideas!! GL!
  • i'd be fine with comfort food! it's the hay bales for sitting that i'd have a huge issue with.


  • I say go for it.  But by "homemade," do you mean by you or by a caterer?  Not all mac and cheese is great and it's one of those foods I could see turning out seriously blah by a catering service.  If you're not making it, could you could sample it ahead of time?Comfort food totally fits the (awesome!) theme of your wedding - which makes it look purposeful and not lazy.  What would be odd is having a down home wedding and then serving some frou-frou menu or serving comfort foods too fancily.  I think your whole theme sounds terrific.  Good luck!
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