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Rectangle tablecloths fitting a round table HELP!

Yesterday I went to order my round tablecloths from my caterer (for my wedding which is in 2 weeks) and they told me that they only have rectangle tablecloths when my mom swears they told her they had round. I looked at the sizes available and the sizes were 72", 81", 87"..if they were rectangle wouldn't they have two dimentions?? They kept saying they were rectangle but the more I research the more I think they're square. Does anyone know how to make a rectangle or square tablecloth fit a round table?? They say it's possible and the wedding people do it all the time at the events they cater but they don't know how it's done.  Renting tablecloths from another place isn't in the budget so that's not an option.


Re: Rectangle tablecloths fitting a round table HELP!

  • Call and ask them specific dimensions, and compare to an actual round table of that size.  Square would work for a round table if it's long enough, but not so long it drags the ground.  Or yo might could use two rectangle cloths if they are criss-crossed. 

    If that won't work, rent round cloths from somewhere else.
  • after determining that the width of the rectable table cloths will cover the whole round table, you could try affixing it to the underside of the table (tape, tacks, a ribbon tying loose ends to the center post of the table) so no one will bethe wiser of the shape. 

    And on another note, try not to sweat the tablecloths too much.  no one will be looking THAT closely at them when they see how gorgeous and in love you are.

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