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Help with Seating Chart

I know some of you will think I'm crazy, but literally, I have attended ONE wedding where there was a seating chart or escort cards - they're simply not done in my area (and I've attended 20+ weddings through the years).

We are at capacity for our venue so we ARE doing assigned tables (but not specific seats).  We don't have room for an additional table to put escort cards on, so we're having a seating chart on display at the entrance of the reception.

I've got my template designed and have people listed by their last name.  For married couples, I put them together, "Mr. and Mrs. James Smith," filed under "S." 

What is the best/appropriate way to list single guests who bring a date?  Do you list them together under the guest's name that you invited?  Always list them under the male's name?  List them separately?

And we have two guests who are unsure who they're bringing, but they're definitely bringing a guest.  Would it be okay to list, "Mr. James Jackson and Guest" under "J"?  Or how do you handle guests that you don't have a name for?
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