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Photobooth vs. Caricature Artist

Hi all,
I'm considering hiring either a caricature artist or a photobooth for my wedding reception. Both cost roughly the same amount, and both will serve as favors. As a guest, what would you prefer?
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Re: Photobooth vs. Caricature Artist

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    I think the caricature artist would take WAY too long.  A PB, you're in and out. 
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    Photobooth....its much quicker.  Plus, in addition to the guest getting the photos, you can probably keep a copy of all the photobooth pictures....that would be fun to put in an album.
  • I think it depends on your guest count. If you're having more than, say, 75 guests then you should do the photobooth. If you're having less than that, then you could try the caricature artist.... it's a fun and different idea.
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  • I've never heard of a caricature artist at a reception! But I think they can be hit or miss, and as a guest I'd prefer a cute picture of me with my friends and fun props, than a cartoon of me!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Having done both with FI at a bridal show, I much prefered the photo booth.  Even without props (they basically printed a postcard with 4 pics on it for us), it was better than the artist.
  • Caricature artist take @ 5 minutes per photo. They are highly personalized and can be completed in color or B& W. Very original choice. My fiancé is a cartoonist and does caricature/performance art as a side gig so you just gave me a wonderful idea. Thanks
  • Satwest, say you have 150 guests.  Even if just half of them do the caricature that would take over 6 hours.
  • I've been to weddings with both. The caricture artist was very nice, but not good at all- it looked nothing like us. The photo booth was awesome and I still have some of the pictures.
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  • Honestly, I'd skip both and save your money. I would hate sitting for however long the artist took and I'm so over photobooths. Plus at several weddings I've been to people lined up for the photobooth and the dancefloor was totally bare. Not my style.
  • One of my good friends went to a wedding with a caricaturist and her and her husband's picture is great! I agree though, it would only work with a much smaller guest list.
  • The caricature artist sounds like a really fun and cute idea. Unfortuately though, I think it would work better for a bday party than at a wedding. At your reception people will be buzzing about to mingle, get cocktails, check out the appetizers and dance. I don't think most people will have the patience to sit for 20 min to get their picture drawn. Out of the 2 I'd get a photobooth.
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  • I'm in the NIETHER camp. 

    Photobooths are way too common now. I know I'm over it... And like PP's have said, you run the risk of an empty dance floor if guests start lining up for the booth. Plus, and this is just my opinion, I feel like posing with lame party props just turns your wedding into a kid's party. 

    Caricature Artist is a fun idea but it's really not practical. My guess is that not too many people will want to sit for even 5 mins to have this done.

    I understand if you're trying to come up with a great favor idea. I brainstormed favor ideas for my wedding too... and here's what I came up with: 

    I'm sticking with a simple sweet treat favor (possibly two truffles in a little box, Godiva makes great little gold boxes with your choice of two decadent truffles) to include at each place setting. 

    And I'm spending the money I am saving on a fantastic BAND!!! I want people partying and dancing with me and my new hubby all night! I want people to remember my beautiful decor, the delicious food, and the terrific entertainment! I want them to enjoy themselves and remember what a great time they had. I don't think you need a photobooth or caraciture artist to satisfy them with some random trinket that they probably don't care about.

    Save your money!

  • I think whether photobooths are overdone or not depends on where you live.  I've been to 5 weddings in the past year, and only 1 had a photobooth, and the guests really enjoyed it.  I personally think they are a blast and make a great guestbook.

    I think a caricaturist would be awesome, but if you have a larger guest list, you should probably hire more than one.
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