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White or Ivory Table Linens with Ivory Dress

We went for our tasting the other day and they asked if I wanted white or ivory linens. My dress is ivory and wedding colors are lavender and silver. I am looking for any input on if I did ivory linens with ivory chair covers and silver ties. My thought is to stay with white and silver ties. I am not sure how the ivory would look????Please help

Re: White or Ivory Table Linens with Ivory Dress

  • I would stick with ivory for consistency.
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  • I actually like stark white better with those colors, but I agree with Milk Duds, it doesn't matter what color your dress is, just go with what you prefer.  I actually used a mixture of white and ivory in my wedding--it never occurred to me to think about it.
  • I also don't think it will matter that much so I say ivory (lol).
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  • is your dress wedding white "ivory" or more yellow ivory ?
    If it is more yellow when you look at it go ivory linen
    if it is cream keep the white

    can also depend on your linen. standard -white is not very bright white
    if you are having stain etc that can be very white in color

    most important keep everything white or ivory. dont cross over same for your cake table etc. then it becomes noticable.
  • I remember for my first wedding when the coordinator learned I was wearing a white dress, he recommended white linens. But when I saw them both, I prefered the ivory so that's what I chose. I really didn't feel the need to coordinate my dress with my linens :-). I just chose the one that I thought looked better in that space.
  • How about ivory chair covers with lavender ties?
  • My dress will be ivory and linens will be white. I don't think anyone will look closely enough to notice, anyway.
  • I dont think anyone will notice.  Really, if they are paying that much attention to the linens, they really don't know how to have a good time at a party!
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: White or Ivory Table Linens with Ivory Dress</a>:
    [QUOTE]No one is going to hold your dress up to the linens to see if they match.  Go with whatever cloth/cover color looks the best with the chair ties.
    Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]

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    No one will notice the two colors.  It won't be like you will be going to every table going "look, my tablecloths and dress don't match!"

  • It really doesn't matter.  You don't need to match the furniture.
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  • Thank you everyone for your help.
  • The color of your dress and the color of the linens have nothing to do with each other.  Choose whichever you prefer for the linens.
  • I'm wearing ivory and the linens are black and white. It's not that different of a color where it will be noticed .
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