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A different kind of reception

My fiance and I are thinking we want to do things a little differently and insted of haveing a dj we want to rent a large screen tv (and maybe some couches) and have rockband set up, as our group of friends aren't really the dancing type. Should we try and set up somekinda of sign up chart for rotations or trust our friends to "share"? We will also of course leave some room for those who do like to dance as there will still be music. Any suggestions on this idea or what not to over look would be helpful!! :]

Re: A different kind of reception

  • i'm not sure i understand what you mean. do you mean no dancing just have people sitting on couches watching some band on a TV and give them a certain amoutn of time they can sit there? if it is then no. just have a band at the wedding, skip the couches. dont micromanage your guests with time they can occupy a seat.


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    [QUOTE]i'm not sure i understand what you mean. do you mean no dancing just have people sitting on couches <strong>watching some band on a TV</strong> and give them a certain amoutn of time they can sit there? if it is then no. just have a band at the wedding, skip the couches. dont micromanage your guests with time they can occupy a seat.
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    No she means that instead of a DJ she will have the game "Rockband" set-up and allow her guests to play it.

    OP, I don't know about you but I absolutely detest karaoke and that is exactly what Rockband is.  Do you really want to listen to 5 hours of guests singing karaoke?  And what happens when your guests get tired of playing?  Or your guests take a liking to the same 10 songs?

    Honestly, this is a wedding not a birthday party.  If your crowd isn't a dancing type of crowd then it is completely fine to just have some nice background music and just have your guests mingle and chat with one another.

  • The first question that popped out at me was this: How will people who are dancing in the room that is left for dancing hear the dancing music over the people playing Rockband (PP, it's a videogame)? Or is the dancing going to be going on to the music that is coming from the game?

    I like the idea of a lounge area with couches, I've seen it done very well in magazines and blogs and such, and I know rentals are available most places. 

    As far as the gaming goes, NMS, at all. The only way I see this working if you're having dancing as well is to have it in another room entirely. Which then will create a sort of two parties aspect which kind of sucks as well. I don't think there's any way to fairly parcel out time, and you'd just have to set the game up and let people play and figure it out themselves. Also, would you have all of the instruments and the microphone as well? Another reason that if you're having other music for dancing that it's not perhaps the best ides. Also, if you're planning on using the music from the game for dancing, that could be very hit or miss. 

    As someone who doesn't play video games but has many friends who do and dated a few gamers, I will say that if you're not into them, watching someone play video games can be the most boring thing in the world. Also, you're watching people get very into them and wondering when you can do something else. Another reason I think that if you were to do this, it needs to be somehow separated. Also, what's your age range of guests? Not everyone knows how to play these things. 
  • Another fun idea for reception ideas if you want something different that just dancing, is a Photo Booth! They are a blast and get everyone laughing and having a good time. Also, if you choose the right booth, they are very classy and elegant looking! I know you are in NY, (we are located down in FL otherwise I would love to help you), but look up local listings for Photo Booths and see whats available in your area! Good Luck and Congrats!

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  • oh thanks for the clarification.

    no dont set up video games at your wedding. people can play games when they go home.


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    This is what you do with a couple of your friends at your house, I dont see it translating well to a bigger setting with anymore than 10 people. Are 10 people attending your wedding? Whether you set up a rotation system or not, the majority or your guests for the majority of the time will be just sat around watching or with nothing to do. And playing rockband doesnt count as music for the people who like to dance. I want to listen to the real version not half missed notes and a bad singer, and probably hear the same cheesy song 5 times in one night. 

    I personally wouldnt be interested in participating in playing Rockband. Nor would I want to sit around watching/listening to other people play it. 
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  • Sierra, this is you and your FH's wedding. It's a day meant to reflect you and your interests and your relationship and the joy you find in it. If you want a flat screen and a game, go for. I would agree that sounds may conflict if you have music and if you have Rockband turned up (be careful on volume with each). But I don't think video games need be limited to birthday parties anymore. Whatever you and your guests enjoy is what you should do! Weddings don't have to be white lace and peonies anymore. I might suggest that you ask this question at Off Beat Bride as the brides there might have done something similar and have suggestions. I would think that sharing would be fine but it depends on your guests. I trust my family and friends to take turns- hard to say what yours will be like. Enjoy!
  • I think some good points were made, but no its going to be about 50-75 people, there will not be a seperate dancing room and the volume will be managed so that people will still be able to mingle and what-not should they decide that they do not wish to participate in the game. And thank you it is my FI and I's decision and with our groups of friends and families i do think that it will be something that they will all enjoy more than the cookie-cutter DJ/ dancing reception. Also thank you for the alternate site suggestion it is something I will look into.
  • I'd say go for it. If you like the idea of the game, and all your guests would enjoy it as well, while still leaving it open to people to mingle, etc when not playing, go for it. It's your wedding. If that entertains your guests, and makes it fun and memorable, do it.

    I'm not a traditional type at all. We're having a ceremony at a cute little place and then our 20 person party will head back to our apartment for the reception. It's got a clubhouse with a kitchen and a pool table, couches, a big screen TV. We're going to have sandwhiches and veggie trays with our cake and hot chocolate (winter wedding). People can play pool, or mingle. that's what we enjoy, and what our guests also enjoy, so we know it will be a hit.

    If traditional doesn't suit you, don't do it. I think I would much more enjoy a game of rock band at a wedding than dancing because I'm not in to dancing much. Best of luck! I know whatever you do will be perfect ♥
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  • thank you danielleper03 you made a very good point its our guests our friends and we want to do something that they will enjoy just because on here it got a negitive reaction does not at all mean that it wont be something we'd enjoy. I don't need the approval of the people on here to do this at Our reception I asked for suggestions to improve not whether or not it would be something You would enjoy, as you are not part of our group of people so we don't expect you to have the same interests as us.
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