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Reception questions...need asap!!!

We are going to meet a possible wedding reception site tonight and I was wondering if anyone has a checklist type page of what we should ask the vendor???  Any advice would be great.  The wedding will be for a max of 75 people and on the beach before hand, so pretty casual, but still a wedding....
Thank you.

Re: Reception questions...need asap!!!

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    What's the decor like? Does it fit your style and wedding colors? Will you have to spend a lot of money on flowers and decorations to make it beautiful?
    Do they have an in-house caterer, and do you like that food? (While an in-house caterer can be easier and cheaper, sometimes the food is not as beautiful as the room. So make sure you taste it!) Do they have a limitation on which outside caterers you can use?
    Do they have adequate coat check and bathroom facilities?
    Is the wedding venue wheelchair accessible? If not, are there many stairs to climb? How close is the parking to the ceremony and reception rooms? What's the cancellation policy?
    Is there a payment schedule? What kind of deposits are required?
    Are there any hidden costs? (Before you sign the contract, read it carefully.)
    What are the overtime charges?
    Do they have a liquor license?
    Will they allow you to bring your own liquor? (This is usually cheaper, even with the customary corkage fee.)
    Is there room in the wedding venue for a band and/or dancing?
    Does the wedding venue already own a sound system with adequate speakers or will that need to be rented?
    Is there a space for the bride and groom to change and/or relax?
    Where will you take photographs? Is there a park nearby, or do the coordinators have recommended spots on the grounds?
    Who will be supervising and troubleshooting before the day of your wedding? Who will be supervising and troubleshooting on the day of your wedding? Can you meet them now?
    Where can your guests park? Are there extra fees for parking? Do they have valet parking?
    Is the wedding venue convenient to public transportation, especially in big cities? How long will it take your guests to get there? Especially in museums or private clubs, are there limitations on decorations? Do they limit food and drinks to only certain areas of the wedding venue?
    Are candles or other open flames allowed?
    If its an outdoor location, do they have any backup plans for rain or other inclement weather? If not, is there a place that you can put up a tent?
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    Hey- I am from central florida and have been all over looking for venues! (around Orlando/Kissimmee/Maitland/Celebration)  Let me know if you have any other questions about places and maybe I can help!

    One thing I did do was make a table.  On the left side were all of my questions and along the top were all teh venues I wanted to go to check out.  This way, it made it easier to compare all of the venues together on 1 chart.
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    Thank you everyone....I think we got our venue.  The questions helped, but the lady we talked with was VERY nice and had a really great attitude and the place is right on the water!!! 
    Ruby, we are getting married in Cocoa Beach, but thanks a ton :)
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    YAY- thats so exciting that you found a place. I was so picky that it took us forever!!  Have fun with the wedding planning and let me know if you have any other questions...maybe I can help!
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