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help with colors!

im not the most creative when it comes to accessorizing,decorating, or coming up with party themes. im getting married next August (2013) and am beginning the wedding planning process. I'm not sure what colors to go with. I was initially thinking of gray and yellow, but now leaning towards gray, navy, and turquoise. My fiancé really likes the idea of dark blue and gray. Would the blue/turquoise/gray color palatte be too winter -like for an August wedding in Texas?? Thanks for your much appreciated input.

Re: help with colors!

  • YAY! Another August '13 girlie like me!! What's your date?

    As for colours, I picked mine out right away...then changed my ideas three or four times w/in 2mos!! Here's my 2c on how to start planning.

    1. Date set.
    2. Venue.
    3. Figure out the formal-ness of the wedding (ie, we're having a bbq but in a gorgeous garden setting, so it is casual-formal (no jeans, not black tie). Friend had a casual one in her parent's back yard. 'Nother friend had black tie in a ballroom)
    4. Figure out what scheme the venue would look good all dolled up
    5. Pick colours that you really like, that your FI really likes, and that can be easily found when doing decor (a lot of ppl have trouble finding things in matching corals, but most blues are easy to go with)

    If you're trying to have a more summery feel, the dark blue/navy with turquoise and *white* might be better than gray - almost nautical summerry feel without going THEME. And throw in a few touches of gold or straw (colour, not material) as a warmer-upper, maybe?

    Best advice I can give you is be open to change until you start buying things...and even then be open to tweaking!!!
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  • Oh, also check the photos for images of blues and turqoise weddings!
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  • I'm getting married in two weeks in Texas and my colors are navy and white. Not worried about it beng wintery at all because of the types and abundance of flowers that we are using.
    Plus, I usually see turquoise as a more summer color, even with grey.

    I would recommend looking up bridesmaids dresses, at a price point that are comfortable with. I was going to do green but just couldn't find dresses in a color that I liked, that didn't cost an arm and a leg.

    Good luck! :)
  • In Response to Re: help with colors!:
    Oh, also check the photos for images of blues and turqoise weddings!
    Posted by jcrmc
    Thanks Jcrmc ! We're looking at August 17th as our date. Thanks for the great tips i'll be sure to keep it in mind but more importantly add it to my wedding binder so i wont forget. :)
  • You should go to a paint store and get paint chips.  That way you can keep them and maybe even see another color you might incorporate or use in some way. 
  • Thanks ladies for all the great feedback! It's very very helpful. Petunia i didnt even think about getting paint samples, good call. :)
  • Aqua and yellow are FAB together!  I would drop the gray...but thats me.
    My wedding is going to be Aqua and Gold...January wedding...was initially June but we changed it and I had already bought alot for it and my girls have their dresses (well MOST do lol)...hope this helps! 
    Ps- Aqua and Coral is SUPER nice too!!  That was my back up..
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