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My fiancee is the pickiest eater!

I am having a hard time planning what to serve at our wedding reception! My husband basically only likes three things! I'm thinking, "Um this is crazy, honey!" Anyone else marrying a guy who has such a limited diet...UGH!

Re: My fiancee is the pickiest eater!

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    My DH has a list of things he just won't eat.  But I've gotten him to broaden his horizons a lot since we've been together.  

    If he's really that bad, I would ask the caterer to make him a special meal of something he does like.  Remember, you're choosing for to serve your guests, not just what he wants.
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    What does he eat? Is there any way the caterer can make an exception for him?

    Our Best Man has an extremely limited spectrum of food: chicken fingers, pepperoni pizza (He will not eat plain, he will not eat any other topping), and if neither of those is available, he'll "settle" for a burger. We knew he wasn't going to eat anything we served (We didn't even have the option to build the menu around what he eats, but we weren't going to do that anyway), but we felt bad about it, so we talked to the venue to see if there were any options. Apparently, they serve chicken fingers for little kids, they said they would do an "adult plate" of chicken fingers if somebody requested it.  Sure enough, that's exactly what he ordered, and he was thrilled.

    Is there any way you could do something like that for him? GL!

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    Ditto the others.  Get the caterer to make up a plate for him, but that doesn't have to be what you serve everyone.  If he's completely uninterested in the menu, either work on it with just your caterer, or maybe you could ask opinions from his parents.
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    My fiancé is such an extremely picky eater also. His eating habits seem rather bazaar at times to me. Food causes most of the stress in our relationship since our tastes are so different. Our best man, his "aunt" (mothers best friend since forever), and one of my cousins cannot have gluten. So needless to say I we are at a loss as to what we are going to do about food. I think at this point just having stations or a spread of cheese, crackers, fruit and meat will be the best options.
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    My fiance falls into the picky eater camp.  He likes hamburgers, steak, chili, and for variety, a little mac and cheese.  And he doesn't like seafood, most vegetables, rice, or most of the local specialties.  He's told me to go on ahead and order whatever I think will work best, but I'm still trying to find some way to make both of us happy.  Frankly, the idea of him having a separate plate is not an entirely bad idea. :)
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    I wonder how many picky eaters are out there?  Especially in Los Angeles.  Maybe he could join a group or something to help him get over it in time for the wedding.  Have you tried going to the local LA boards?  Float the idea over there.  I have a friend who was talking about doing a TV show about adult picky eaters and getting help. 

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    That's a great idea! I'll do that! Thanks!!!
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