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How do you keep vase fillers from floating when you add water?

Anyone have any clue how to keep vase fillers from floating? I'm using tall vases with small LED lights in the bottom. I'm trying to hide the LED lights with a vase filler that still allows the light to shine through- I've seen on here when you add water - the water glows too! Which is the look I'm going for. The problem is - I add the water and the vase filler starts to float up- letting the LED lights be seen. I've tried everything - even filling the vase really really slow...
I've tried colorfill crystals and also the waterbead fillers-


Re: How do you keep vase fillers from floating when you add water?

  • If the filler is bouyant enough, it will float unless you have something on top. Consider a round piece of glass ontop of all of the filler? Or use heavier filler?
  • If you're using the waterbead fillers, you don't need to add extra water. There's more than enough light coming from them.
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  • I'm using flat iridescent marbles that I bought at Hobby Lobby and they stay in place. I was going to use water beads on top of them to give the water some color since you can't see the beads but decided not to use them (I like the way the clear looks better). Anyway, the flat marbles work fine and don't float or uncover the LED light. If your light is flat at the bottom of the vase, maybe try taping or lightly gluing it down? We also wanted to use crystals, but they kept floating as well. Try the flat marbles....they come in all different colors and sizes and look great!
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