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1960's Wedding Reception

I am thinking about having a 1960's theme reception. My fiance and I love oldies music, but also wanted to incorporate a menu that reflected that era. We wanted to serve only light snacks since most wedding receptions were much more simple at that time. 
Some ideas that came to me were peanuts in a bowl, butter mints, cake and punch. Any other ideas on what they used to serve at weddings back then? 

Re: 1960's Wedding Reception

  • A wedding reception from that era consisted of cake, nonalcoholic sherbet punch, coffee, and cream cheese mints. That's pretty much it. Full dinners were unheard of in most circles, if not all.
  • I don't know where you ever got the idea that people didn't serve full dinners at weddings in the 1960s. My parents got married in1961 and had a full dinner, band, open bar, the pics show the men in tuxes and women in gowns.

    The original "Father of the Bride" movie was made in 1950 and it's all about all the time and energy and MONEY that goes into a wedding.

    If you want to have a simple reception, by all means go ahead and do so, but framing it as a '60s wedding would be just plain wrong.
  • The prior poster is exactly right. I am an older bride, and went to many family member's weddings in the 1960's. One was at a hotel on the water, but they all had full meals.

    I think you are confusing "simpler" with "cheaper"........ weddings were not a business in the 1960's...... many people (like my parents) had their receptions at a family member's home. My parents got married in the 1950's, had a morning ceremony, a breakfast, and an ENTIRE daylong reception at my dad's parent's house. Many of the weddings were also "ethnic", with ethnic foods home made by family members. Watch the original "Father of the Bride" with Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor........ home wedding, with bartenders, food, flowers etc.

    If you want a 1960's themed reception, and don't want the ethnicity part of it, I'd recommend comfort food stations, ie mac & cheese in small bowls, a carving station with meatloaf & roast chicken, a pasta station with old fashioned spaghetti & meatballs, or do this as a buffet, including mashed potatoes. That is the food I grew up on in a middle class family in the 60's. Oh, and LOTS of jello molds!

    Your ideas for the dessert portion of the 60's reception is accurate. Have a punch bowl with non-alcoholic punch (use 7-Up or Sprite, with an ice ring filled with maraschino cherries, their juice, and water) and add sherbet to it. It's really delicious.

    For additional inspiration, you could watch "American Grafitti", about the 60's, if you have not already seen it.

    Surely you have family members who are in their 50's that you could ask about this as well.

    This website has very cool 60's styled dresses if you want that type of attire

    Good luck.
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