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Cupcake cutting?

For those of you who are having cupcakes instead of cake, are you still having the whole "cake-cutting" where the bride and groom feed each other?

Re: Cupcake cutting?

  • I've seen where people will have a tiny cake that they cut, and can save for their anniversary.  But I've also seen the bride and groom cut a cupcake and feed half to each other.  You can do either.  Or you could skip the cake/cupcake cutting altogether.  It's all up to you and your FI.  Cutting a small cake or a cupcake aren't that different.  
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  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    We skipped the cake cutting/feeding.  Nobody seemed to notice or care.
  • We are not doing a cutting at all, simply because FI doesn't like cake!  That's okay, since those few minutes we spend doing that whole fanfare thing can be spent with our guests.
  • Not sure if we are doing a cutting but we are having a small cake for it if we do instead of a cupcake. 
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  • We are doing a small cake as the top of our cupcake tower. We will cut that cake and feed each other from that.
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  • jmp2004jmp2004 member
    I'm planning on doing a 6" cake on top of my mini cupcake tower.
  • We're doing a small 6" cake to cut (but not save it). My sis and her hubby broke a cupcake in half and fed eachother. But you could always skip it too. We're only cutting because fi really wants to, otherwise I'd skip it cause I think it's time I'd rather spend doing something else!
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